We are committed to building opportunities through service. We have grown from a two-person café counter to a company specializing in food service, mess attendant, hospitality, vending, custodial and grounds maintenance support. Worley Enterprises – the WE team – has had the privilege of contributing to thousands in need.

We believe that all people have value. We have an unparalleled record of providing award-winning services to military installations and a commitment to train and employ people with disabilities. Our hiring rate of people with disabilities has been as high as 82%.

We offer an ever expanding array of services that include: concessions, consulting, marketing, serving soldiers, and supporting non-profits which do vital work for the community – that is the WE team. The foundation of Worley Enterprises is entrepreneurship, partnership, stewardship and community. 

Building opportunities through service is more than a slogan. It is a deeply held guiding principal and motto by which we live and work. We can only do well if others do well. If we keep giving, we will receive. If we share our vision, our imagination, determination and passion, we can create a future full of possibilities. 




Our mission is to establish, manage and operate highest quality service and consulting contracts at highly competitive prices.



Building opportunity through service to customers, partners, employees and community.


Executive Summary