The Worley Enterprises team began as a mom and pop deli thanks to the support of the National Federation of the Blind, the Colorado Center for the Blind, and a $5,000.00 loan from Dad. Thanks Dad! We hired a grizzled retired Army cook to help manage our little sandwich shop. Eighteen months later, we added a small convenience store at Peterson Air Force Base. The store had been losing money. Undaunted, we added a dry cleaning service, delivery service, a pizza oven, lottery and a smile.



In 1997, we were called upon to save a deli at the Centralized Integration Support Facility on Peterson AFB. We won over a diverse customer base of enlisted soldiers, officers, and blue and white collar professionals. It was definitely a turn around project. Using old-fashioned elbow grease, ServSafe, new healthy menu choices, and caring people, the “WE” team celebrated our biggest success; yet not our biggest money maker. Over a decade later, we continue to hear from those loyal Café Central customers. We created some of our most memorable sandwiches, salads and daily specials at the Central Café. “WE” have never been content with a “paint by numbers,” “bottom line only” industrial cafeteria.



We know how to maximize what we do well with the guidance and collaboration of others. This spirit of collaboration continued in earnest in 1999 when we partnered to bid on the full food contract at Buckley Air Force Base. We learned how to bid on jobs and back up our proposals with cost-saving and award-winning services.



In 2001, we began troubleshooting concession projects on State of Colorado properties. We implemented programs at the Colorado State Capitol Complex. These efforts expanded options for customers, improved cash flow and created jobs for the blind and other persons with disabilities.



In 2004, when food services at Fort Carson, Colorado were severely challenged due to our nation's wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, we developed a winning and innovative proposal. Under this landmark service, a non-profit agency from the AbilityOne program, which was no longer able to perform the work, was replaced with a non-profit which had a stellar record in the hiring of people with disabilities. The “WE” team provided management and all full food services. The (KP) dining facility attendant services were provided by AbilityOne with our quality control oversight. This was a new model. It was acclaimed by the military, the Randolph-Sheppard for the Blind community, and the President's Committee for Purchase. We have been very proud of this targeted inclusive program to bring extraordinary dining services to our nation's soldiers. Serving soldiers through our military food services is at the center of what we do. The patriots we serve are always uppermost in our hearts and minds. Since the implementation of this innovative mode,l we have been asked to consult with state Rehabilitation Agencies for the blind, branches of the armed forces, the Blind Entrepreneurial Alliances and major corporations in the government food services arena.



In 2006, we began consulting with companies like Dunkin Brands, Einstein and Sodexo, and opened our administrative support call center operation.



In 2007, we were asked to troubleshoot a variety of concession services on Peterson AFB and at the DenverFederalCenter. This was a two-year project.



In 2008, we partnered with Blind Entrepreneur and successful restaurateur Nicky Gacos to form Independence America (IA). The mission of this innovative for-profit company is to bring low cost, high value branded concepts to blind food service operators.



In 2009, a collaboration with Sodexo, to provide military dining services at Camp Pendleton, began.



In 2010, we entered into a franchise development agreement with Roosters Men’s Grooming Centers. This may be the most exciting venture in which we have ever engaged.

In the fall of 2010, we began working with noted restaurateur Raphael Sassower to open ll Postino as part of an exciting downtown destination project in Colorado Springs. This project allowed us to move our institutional dining and hospitality businesses further into the private sector. Much like our Roosters Franchises providing exclusive Men’s Grooming, the new restaurant venture will allow us to support the economic growth and quality of life in the community we love.



We sold our interest in Il Postino as this restaurant became Springs Orleans under umbrella of the Mining Exchange, a Wyndham Grand Hotel. We remain active as consultants in the venture.



Signed partnership agreement with Acorn Foods, a Philadelphia-based food service contracting company which will allow us to further expand our reach to the eastern U.S. We also premiered Roosters Remembers - The Veterans Video Project. It was a gala premiere at Stargazers Theatre and Event Center in April. This documentary was then aired on Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting on November 11, Veteran's Day. In addition, we expanded services under contract with Colorado Department of Transportation.


Worley Enterprises was selected by the Navy to provide dining facility attendant services for the Naval Hospital Galley in San Diego, California. 

We also saw expansion of out successful model increasing buying power and program scope of Independence America.

The WE Team also began working with local property management companies to provide them outside quality contol and performance audits, in the areas of janitorial and ground maintenance. 


Worley Enterprises was awarded a contract to manage commissary shelf stocking services at Moody Air Force Base near Savannah, Georgia. With this contract award, Worley Enterprises opens a new chapter performing shelf stocking and janitorial for the Defense Commissary Agency, DeCA. 


Worley Enterprises launches WE Fit Wellness,a social entrepreneurial effort to bring exercise and nutrition programs which are affordable, achievable, and accessible to people with dissabilities.